Computer Repair

We offer onsite computer troubleshooting and repair. However we are not a retail computer operation. We do not maintain a storefront nor do we sell computers or computer components. We work with you and help you directly order the computers and components you need at wholesale prices. We then install these for you. We work with local and national vendors to find you the best deal both in price and quality.

We recognize that this strategy is unusual. Most local computer companies both stock and sell products directly to their customers. However there are several problems with this.

1. Most often the products they sell are what are called OEM products and the warranties are through the store that sold you the computer or computer part. Local computer companies are notorious for going under due to the low margins on computers and computer components combined with the high cost of maintaining a storefront. Often these companies are owned and operated by one or two people. If they decide to move or are run over in the street you are out of luck Your products warranty is void in these situations.
2. Small computer companies (defined as less than 10 million dollars in annual revenue) can not compete pricewise with national vendors such as Dell, Gateway, HP etc.. Their prices for comparable products need be 30 to 40 percent higher to be profitable. Large retail operations such as the afore mentioned companies and the outlets that sell their computers such as Staples, Sams, Office Depot, Best Buy, Wall Mart etc. make their money on a much slimmer margin due to the enormous volume they can sell. No small local company can do this. If a small local shop is selling computers at the same or lower prices than these national vendors you need to beware. They are either cutting serious corners in the product they are selling or they are losing money and will not be around for long.
3. Margins also have to be high to pay for the products that sit on the shelf more than 60 days in these companies. Computers and computer components lose value daily as newer and faster products come out. If these companies don’t resell these products quickly they sometimes can’t sell them at all or have to sell them at below cost just to get rid of them.

Our strategy is to help you buy just what you need from these large national vendors. We can help you get business to business accounts with many of them to get you preferential pricing or help you find the special deals that are out there. Your warranties are with a national business not with an individual or small at risk business.
This strategy is the product of our experience in 5 years of retail computer sales as a local computer store and then 16 years as a non retail computer consultant. It creates a win win situation. You get the products you need at very competitive prices with the confidence that you are not being talked into a large unnecessary sale. We make no money from equipment sold to you. Only from the consulting and services we provide.