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We are an Information Technology Services Company that provides the knowledge and help to do what you need done. We provide both on site and remote assistance.¬† We can help you do what you want and need to do, using your Computers, Software and the Internet to assist your Business Needs. Our normal service area is all of Horry County, up into Brunswick, and Columbus Counties and down into Georgetown County. If you are outside these area’s and have a project please give us a call and we can discuss making special arrangements.

Please give us a call!!
It costs and commits you to nothing to have
a discussion about what your needs are.

We have been providing critical business computer support for many years. We commit to being timely and responsive to you when you call. If you have had issues in the past calling your computer company and they take days to get back to you or to help you with critical failures in your infrastructure then give us a try. Our policy is that we answer the phone or call you back as soon as possible. For business down emergency’s we move you to the top of the service¬†queue and will even reschedule a current normal non critical service call to respond to your emergency. For normal services calls we many times can do same day response or schedule it at your convenience. No matter what you will get timely communications from us as we respond to your calls or communicate about scheduled jobs. We also provide weekend support for critical problems or major upgrades so that you don’t have out of service time during normal business hours.

Recently we have also added managed remote support abilities. We can provide total remote management and service for all issues that don’t involve hardware failure or lack of Internet problems. With total remote management we can also provide many support functions remotely after business hours so as not to interfere with your business day. While your at home relaxing we will be working hard to fix your issues.

With our remote management capabilities we can also offer individualized training services. If you are having problems and we are available we can jump in remotely and show you how to use windows, or other software in real time. No more waiting for someone to come on site for those simple questions on how to do something or to fix something minor.

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